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Two drawings I started at AC. Both are Works in progress.

#1 Floaty Ciacyl

One of two drawings I picked at while at AC.

Ciacyl being all happy and floaty and such.

Also, yeah, gonna start posting to scraps more, I’m sitting on sooooooooooooooooooooo much unifinished drawings in big piles. x___x

#2 Forward Hard Kick - Hammer Stomp - Overhead

This is pretty much just a low-angle concept drawing of one of my character’s normals.

Looks like I just caught you crouch-blocking. 

Overhead, so can’t be low-blocked. Face-plants crouching foes into a short bounce.

Fattybunkle Ryn kept telling me to add in buildings and make it a macro pic. Hahah.

That’s a Good One! [Response Doodle]

A little while ago, over on Facebook, I randomly got invited to a group by one of my FB friends and this was the first post on there.

I immediately doodled this up as a response post with the “You must be new here” image macros in mind. He seemed to appreciate the joke either way.

I donno why I never posted this here.

I cropped out the name on this one just to avoid cross-site weirdness. I donno.

Quick lil pre-AC post. I’ll be posting badges and commission shits after AC! NSFW at times. NSFW! and not used as much. My Site.

"Psychic Connection"

Picture I started while hanging out with Bunni homo. Ciacyl being all floaty, and quite possibly flirty with Mewtwo~

Last pic I did for myself to break up my commission run.

I didn’t plan on it, but I finally decided to start using my colored pencils I’ve been sitting on forever. I stayed monochrome to match the graphite, mostly only used them to produce the background “effect.” It actually makes them pop out from the backdrop a bit. I like it, a lot. I thinks I’m gonna be using them a whole lot more often though. They actually work really well with graphite.

I also wanna start fucking around with chalk and charcoal.

Oh yeah, I will color this, but after I finish AC commissions this weekend.




life size vaporeon. it was really hard to get pictures of this gal just because of the sheer sIZE OF IT wow. 

also, if you were wondering what that little brown thing in the first picture is, i thought i’d do a fun little size comparison, one of the biggest things i’ve ever made, compared to one of the smallest:

AH! This is what I have been aching to share with you all! ;u; I was sooo tempted to just squeel and spoil the surprise, but I’m glad I held out. ;u;

This mega-cutie is something I’ve been saving up for for months on end, so when I was able to snag a commission slot with sewgoods here it was more than worth it, leme tell you! :D She is amazing to work with, and so very kind and quick. <3 

 I could not have asked for a better maker, I mean look at my giiiirl! She’s flawless! AND SO BIG!!! I can’t wait to hold her!! You can be sure she’ll be coming with me on all sorts of trips, from cons to car rides. To infinity and beyond!

 Having a life-size vaporeon in my room is a dream come true. ;u; Sewgoods deserve all the praise and all the love for this. And her reveal really perked me up when I was having a rather dark time in my life mentally. As soon as she arrives I’ll be doing an unboxing video, and posting it to my tumblr.

 I just…can’t get over her! She’s gorgeous!

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